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close up of tree flower

florida landscape / nature (yet again)

More landscape (and nature) photography, yay! I call it landscape and nature photography when it should be called “leaf and weeds photography”. This time with my little Fuji X-E2 and couple lenses. I just love that South Florida evening light poking thru the branches and woods mixed with all those different shades of green and brown. With the Canon 50mm it gives me some supercool flares and out of focus highlights which never get old. Fuji is super small and […]

landscape with meadow, trees and cloudy sky

late summer trip to czech republic – travel photography from europe

repost of my favorite landscape (mostly) photos from our czech republic trip in late september of 2015. I always love the landscape and views, which is unlike florida (which I love, too!). I’m amazed by the diversity of different climate zones and for that reason I will never stop taking photos of landscape and nature, even though I took them hundreds of times before.    

green anole on tree branch

backyard biology in key west, florida – nature photography

sometimes you don’t have to travel too far to see some cool stuff, sometimes it is right in front of you, right in your own backyard. it just depends from what perspective you look at it. sometimes I slap a macro lens on my camera and walk around the yard and I usually spot bunch of lizards, spiders, iguana, bees, all kinds of bugs and even a snake. what’s even cooler – with the fuji x-e2 (which has a crop sensor), I get bigger magnification […]

Filda Konec Photography - Key West photographer

helios 44-2 lens on canon 5DII

when a crappy old russian lens actually makes awesome pictures… I got mine from e-Bay for around $50. it’s all metal, old school, build like a tank, all manual. I’m using it with Fotodiox adapter that I bought on Amazon for around $10. It does have focus confirmation chip so the 5DII beeps when you are properly focused. I found out that when I’m focused to infinity, the rear of the lens protrudes to the mirror chamber and the mirror gets […]

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