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Erica & Joe married at Little Palm Island

The Florida Keys, where love hangs in the air like the perfect sea breeze, and tucked away in this paradise is the dreamy Little Palm Island Resort & Spa. As a photographer cruising the Keys, I had the privilege of capturing some serious love vibes at this exclusive oasis.

Turquoise waters, palm trees swaying like they’re dancing to your ‘I do’s, and Little Palm Island, making every heart melt. This elopement was simple, real, and bursting with love you can practically taste.

The day kicked off with the couple sharing heart-melting vows while the beach served as their backdrop. Trust me, as a Keys photographer, seeing their connection against this picture-perfect scene was like hitting the love jackpot.

Little Palm Island is nature’s canvas for photography sessions. From saying ‘I do’ by the calm water to strolling the floral-laden paths, every corner was a love story waiting to happen.

For me, capturing these moments isn’t just a gig—it’s a total privilege. The Florida Keys’ charm mixed with Little Palm Island’s intimacy turned every snap into a love anthem.

If you’re looking for that Insta-worthy, heart-melting escape to tie the knot, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is THE spot. Luxe, private, and the perfect stage for your love story. It’s the whole Florida Keys elopement package: intimate, dreamy, and effortlessly beautiful. Little Palm Island just sets the stage for love to bloom.

So, whether you’re Florida Keys crazy or just hunting for that intimate spot to say ‘forever,’ Little Palm Island Resort & Spa paints the perfect picture of love in one of the planet’s most stunning settings.”

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