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  • Ok. How much?


how much for all of this?

My Thoughts...

I get it - photography is hard decision. But it's the best investment you can make. Why? Because kids grow up quick and the best photo of them you have is the low resolution underexposed one on your cellphone. Because there won't be any cake or flowers left and you will hardly remember all the songs played on your wedding reception. But the memories captured in photographs that you and your close ones will cherish for years to come are priceless...


Florida Keys elopements and smaller & shorter events start at $400/hour. Please get in touch for more info on full day wedding coverage. Please note that due to the busy nature of wedding season down here in the Florida Keys, I cannot offer my small packages or hourly rates for weekend weddings. I don't charge for travel for weddings in Florida Keys.

Portrait, family and engagement sessions on location in Key West start at $249 (a mini session). I also travel for sessions anywhere in the Florida Keys.

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for full pricing and detailed info on my packages and add-ons