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About me

This is me trying to impress world…

I moved to the beautiful, sunny and humid Florida Keys from Czech Republic when I was 24. Some say that I’m an sugar addict and have weird sense of humor. I’m a music freak, fauna & flora lover, and gear head in my spare time but mostly a father to my amazing little ninja son Jamie who makes me smile almost daily.

No, I wasn’t born with camera in my hands and no, I wasn’t shooting since I was 5; but what I’ve learned along the way is, that people photography is more about interaction rather than technical skills or expensive gear. You can have the best camera in the world but if you don’t know how to make people laugh or how to capture their emotion in a split of a second, none of the technical aspects really matter. You have to be ready to click the shutter any time. You basically have to walk with your eye glued to your camera’s viewfinder and wait for the right moment. I found my way to unobtrusively move around people and take photos without them noticing because that’s when the real stuff happens. No fake smiles.

I’m not big fan of posing but I rather call it easy directing. With that being said, there are times when posed photos are essential, such as family formals during a wedding or portraits on family or portrait sessions. To me, photos posed too much look artificial and if you’re looking for this sort of images, I’m probably not your guy. I am camera shy myself so I know very well how it feels for some people to be in front of the camera. I let my couples do their own thing and I let them know whenever I need them to move their heads, grab their hands or turn their bodies in. I do my best to make it as easy as possible for everyone and that allows me to capture each person’s character perfectly.

Feel free to ask me anything you’re curious about and connect on social media if you’d like.