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Alisha & Susan married on Key West beach :: Florida Keys Wedding Photography

Alisha & Susan,

these two supercool girls got married on Key West beach and had their reception/party and Sheraton Suites here in Key West. Another hot day in paradise but we managed to sneak out downtown and do couple quick photos at some Key West landmarks. The party was under the lead of DJ Shawna from Soundwave which is always guarantee of great time.

about bride Alisha
I grew up in Ohio and we still live here today. I am a nurse in a medical intensive care unit. I always wanted to get married but I really didn’t think it was going to happen for us because I did not think it would be legal in my lifetime. I always wanted a family and so did Susan we felt that since we could not easily have children why not take on children who needed a home. We fostered to adopt. Best thing we ever did, not easy but best thing. We got Dane at age 4 Donte at 18 months and Blake when he was born.

about Bride Susan
Susan is a cardiac tech at the hospital. She always said she wanted to get married but until it was recognized in all the states she didn’t want to do it. Susan always wanted kids and originally said she wanted 6 haha we are sticking with the 3. The kids are our life and Susan is an amazing Mom.

how did you meet
We both worked at the hospital in different departments, We had seen each other but did not know each other. I had spotted her many times and always thought she was cute but would have never done anything about it. On Wednesdays there was a bar that offered a discount to employees so my friends talked me into going. I didn’t know but it was actually a set up. I couldn’t understand why Susan kept trying to buy me drinks. Then that Friday I asked her if she wanted to do anything. She of course said yes and we went out, what I didn’t know is she had tickets to go see Kid Rock but gave them away to go out with me. And 10 years later here we are getting married.

who proposed and how
We always joke we do things backwards we had already planned the wedding but I did not technically have a ring yet. So on our 10 year anniversary in April Susan and I went to dinner and when we came home she had me wear these goofy frog glasses I couldn’t see out of and on our back patio she had put lights all over our pergola, started a fire and when I took the glasses off. On the sidewalk it said will you marry me in chalk and Susan was on one knee with the ring. Then she handed me a book that she had all of our friends and family make signs and take their picture with them on why I should say yes. Needless to say it was amazing and I definitely cried and said yes!

wedding theme/inspiration
Susan’s favorite color is orange and I really liked the turquoise together with it so that’s why we chose those colors. We really didn’t have a theme besides the beach.

why Key West
I always wanted to get married on the beach and Key West was our first vacation we had ever taken together. We love the laid back atmosphere and we can totally be ourselves there in public.

why Filda Konec Photography
I had looked through multiple photographers and emailed them ect. I liked your style and my sister told me I should pick you lol. So glad we did you were a ton of fun.

what’s planned for the future
Well since we do things backwards we already have 3 kids no plans for more. So just watching the kid grow up and spending time all together.

best moment of your wedding day
I would have to say the best moment of the wedding day was ceremony and our first dance exspecially when the kids came out.

advice you would give to future brides who are planning a wedding/elopement in Key West
Remember as long as you get married at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Since its far away have some type of wedding planner its too hard to do it by yourself far away. Make sure you use Filda Konec Photography and it will be perfect. Relax and have fun.

bride’s dress: Mori Lee

something old: Inside my dress was a heart of material of a pair of my dads pants that my friend sewed for me since my Dad passed before my wedding.

bride’s suit: Hurley

bride’s shoes: Toms

wedding colors: Orange and Turquoise

fist dance song: She Keeps me Warm

wedding planner: Say Yes in Key West

ceremony officiant: Pati Flowers

decoration/centerpieces: Sheraton

caterer: Sheraton

reception music: Soundwave

hair & make-up: Key West Hair and Makeup

invitations: Angela Heifner

gift/favors: Coozies and sand dollar


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