green anole on tree branch

backyard biology in key west, florida – nature photography

sometimes you don’t have to travel too far

to see some cool stuff, sometimes it is right in front of you, right in your own backyard. it just depends from what perspective you look at it. sometimes I slap a macro lens on my camera and walk around the yard and I usually spot bunch of lizards, spiders, iguana, bees, all kinds of bugs and even a snake. what’s even cooler – with the fuji x-e2 (which has a crop sensor), I get bigger magnification and for that reason I don’t have to be too close as I would have to be with my canon 5DIII – so whatever it is I’m photographing doesn’t get scared away and I can take my time to focus and snap bunch of different pictures. the only downside is that when I use my canon lenses on the x-e2, I have to manually focus, which is sometimes a pain, especially with longer focal lengths, and also the lens stays wide open – I have no control over aperture. anyway, enough talking, let’s check out some of the photos. all taken with canon 100m f/2.8 macro lens and EOS -> XF mount adapter. that thing looks absolutely ridiculous.



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