downtown orlando with lake

Central Florida travels with Fuji X100T | Florida Keys Photographer

Central Florida,

oh you’re so beautiful, I want to take you home… I’m serious. Two Key West photographers and one girl traveled for a weekend wedding to Orlando but extended it by few extra days to breathe some fresh outdoorsy CFL chilly air (yes, it was 54°F the morning we left). Of course I had to bring my little silver Fuji to take some photos to share and of course I ended up taking more photos with my cellphone. But hey, photo is photo, right? Outdoors, nature, trees and the silent beauty of the far-reaching acres of green, brown and yellow landscape. Still had to visit KSC (where our groom works!) and downtown Orlando, but the scenery of countryside is where I felt at home. Photo reportage below includes photos from my Fuji and cellphone.

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