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Family photography in Key West (and beyond)…

is very easy to forget about and when your kids are all grown up, you realize that the only photos of them you have are the ones from your cellphone (if you’re lucky). And this is where they usually stay until the photos get deleted or your cellphone gets replaced. And even if you get your photos taken by professional portrait photographer – what are they good for if they stay in form of digital files in your computer? Print them, hang them, show them… I never offered prints for my portrait clients as I wanted to give everyone their freedom of choice what to do with their photos but lately I feel prints should be mandatory part of every photographer’s package. Key West has so many picturesque backdrops and outdoors are definitely my favorite. The lush green foliage and turquoise skies complement nicely people’s outfits and make them pop in the photos. Combine that with magic hour lighting (that’s how they call the last hour before sunset) and you have perfect setting for beautiful family portraits. That’s why I always encourage my clients to get photos done in late evening if we have the choice. It’s not about me not being able to shoot in any lighting conditions but rather being able to use that low South Florida lighting to our advantage which can’t be easily reproduced. People in Florida Keys rationally want to do beach photos and usually think the mid-day light is the best. Actually – this can’t be farther from the truth. Take a note: mid-day lighting is in fact pretty bad for photographs especially here in South Florida where the sun is even more intense. Unless you’re taking photos in a canopy that provides nice amount of shade. So please if you’re thinking of doing photos (and you should!), plan for late afternoon/early evening. I promise you, this is the best time to take photos and you’ll be glad we did.

Photos from David & Tara’s family session below were all taken during that “magic” hour with some overcast clouds in the first few shots.

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