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About Family Photography

Little tip for timing your session...

Key West has so many picturesque backdrops and the lush green foliage and turquoise skies complement nicely people’s outfits and make them pop in the photos. Combine that with late afternoon light and you have a perfect setting for beautiful family portraits. That’s why I always encourage my clients to get photos done in late evening to take advantage of that South Florida light. Same goes for sunrise, but hey - who wants to get up early on their vacation?

People naturally want to do beach photos and usually think the midday light is the best and this can’t be farther from the truth. Although it can be absolutely done, the midday lighting is in fact pretty bad for photos especially here in this intense South Florida sun. You don't want to be hot, squint, sweat and have ugly shadows all over in your family photos, do you? :-)

So please plan for late afternoon/early evening. I promise you, this is the best time to take photos and you’ll be glad we did.

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