silhouette of hugging couple engaged in key west florida

Florida Keys engagement photos with Chelsea and John

You got engaged, yay. Now what…?

Well, now you should go tell everyone… But before you do, you should book a vacation in Key West, Florida, find yourself an awesome Florida Keys photographer, and you should let him take photos of you. So you can show your friends and families, or put them as a wallpaper on your computer’s desktop or phone, put couple in your wallet, or even better – hang them in your bedroom. Let’s get all dolled up and pretty, let’s dig your best outfit out of that suitcase and find another one, just in case, but more importantly – let’s forget about being photographed and let’s have fun. I’m not there to tell you how to grab and hug your favorite person, but to take photos of you being a bit awkward, smiling and bursting out in a laughter, whispering and tickling, piggy back riding, kicking the sand and the water and enjoying time with each other…

That’s exactly what Chelsea & John did!

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