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Florida Keys Outdoors with Fuji | South Florida Photography

Photos of Florida Keys outdoors…

So I decided to go out and take some nature photos with my little Fuji X-E2 after couple of months of doing nothing. Well, almost doing nothing. I realized how great is to have such little camera that I can take with me anytime without worrying about it’s bulkiness. The X-E2 is perfect for that. But I will (again) complain about the battery. I realize it’s fairly tiny camera and they had to sacrifice things to make it super portable but the battery life is just horrible. And the way it dies on you is even worse. You get red battery icon for few minutes and then it suddenly goes “bye-bye”. For that I love my big and heavy Canon DSLR. I rarely go through more than 2 batteries at a wedding (hey maybe I need to shoot more, eh?). Besides the poor battery the little Fuji is just perfect camera for me. Perfect for going out and shooting random stuff. I still prefer to rely on DSLR for business. I went to Big Coppitt Key which is just a short 10 minute drive from Key West and did some exploring in the bushes around the cemetery (show on Google Maps). I just love this South Florida foliage and the fact that it doesn’t make any sounds. All I hear is my footsteps breaking fallen branches, occasional bird taking off, lizards running away from me and clicks of my Fuji…

Here and here are some other posts with some gorgeous Florida Keys nature photos.

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