kiss under the veil near water at hyatt in key west

Lauren & Chris married at Hyatt in Key West | Key West Wedding Photographer

Hey, this Key West wedding is going to be wild…

I was forewarned by Mike, a fellow photographer who runs Freas Photography. He recommended me to Lauren & Chris as he was already booked on their day – (thanks Mike!) and since he knew the couple, he gave me a little insight what I can expect on their wedding day. And he was right – Lauren & Chris were supercool people and their crew knew how to party, that’s for sure. The ceremony took place at the dock at Hyatt Key West where they were also getting ready for their day.  Cocktail hour was poolside and the party was at Marquesa Room upstairs which is very airy and bright and has great lighting during the day. The party was indeed great and the DJ made the crowd dance non-stop and after the reception was over, Lauren and Chris did their fancy scooter exit.

Check out some of my favorites from their wedding day…

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