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Little Hamaca photo crawl

Fall afternoon in Little Hamaca Park

I decided to go out to the swampy hammocks of the Little Hamaca park right here in Key West to explore a little and hopefully get some wildlife photos on this lazy sunday afternoon. Well, I didn't see any wildlife, I guess it must have been having a lazy afternoon as well, so my 400mm lens stayed in my backpack and I stuck with the 100mm macro for some close ups of leaves and other foliage I came across. No snakes, crocodiles or spiders except occasional chair, mattress or stroller stowed away in the bushes. I saw lots of trash scattered around places with poor access - I guess that was probably a work of hurricane, but the trash and junk in there was definitely work of humans. Pretty sad sight on a nature trail.

Most people think we don't have seasons down here in Florida Keys but we actually do, one just has to look for them. Some trees that were once lush green a few months back, change color and then eventually drop leaves, like the Sea Grape tree for example. The air is a little drier, and we tend to have a lot of overcast days. My favorite part of year here in the Keys starts, yay. I still got a little sweaty after a while of walking through the greenery and ducking under fallen branches.

The Little Hamaca park is tucked behind the EYW (Key West International Airport) near Government Rd where most people walk their dogs, ride their bikes or run. Nice place for a relaxing walk - away from all the traffic and honking scooters, but the constant presence of airplanes landing and taking off is a sober reminder that the civilization is near - and it also helps with orientation in the dense shrubbery.

Check out few of my favorite snaps from there.

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