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Jenn & Matt at Old Town Manor | Florida Keys Wedding Photographer

Jenn & Matt’s

affair was fun, colorful, intimate and very easy at the same time. Their Key West wedding was at Old Town Manor, one of my favorite wedding venues in Key West. Favorite because of their garden full of green eye pleasing foliage and family like setting. Jenn & Matt did their first look which I highly encourage couples to do (please do it!). Not only they get extra photos they wouldn’t normally get but it will also make the entire pre ceremony part of the day much easier for everyone – trust me, I’ve witnessed it dozens of times.

We had one, kind enough, family member drive us around downtown Key West so we could take photos at some of the Key West’s landmarks. Yes it was hot and it was bright but it was worth it. Then we moved on to the reception catered by Catered Affairs at Old Town Manor where DJ Buggy spun some cool tunes for everyone to dance to and he even let the kids do some spinning and scratching.

We finished off with one more drive to downtown for the must have famous Key West sunset photos. The area was pretty crowded but we got some cool shots.

Check out Jenn & Matt’s story along with some other details from their wedding day and check out few of my favorite photos below. Jenn & Matt were married by Steve Torrence, Jenn’s hair and makeup was beautifully done by Lori from Key West Hair & Makeup, flowers were provided by Milan Events, and Marky and Morgan from Wonderdog Weddings put together couple of cool videos that you can see here, and the entire show was ran by Nicole from Simply You Weddings – all local Key West vendors that I enjoyed working with, as always.

about bride

Jenn is a mom to 2 boys, Giovanni (11) and Gavin (8). She has a passion for children and that is why she loves her job, a preschool teacher. She has lots of patience. Ever since she was a little girl, she dreamed of a beautiful wedding where she felt like a princess dancing the night away with her prince. That is exactly what happened the night her and Matt were married.

about groom

Matt is a creative, intelligent kid-at-heart who loves to spend time on a bicycle. While his career is in technology, engaging in creative activities that foster his appreciation for design ultimately keeps his attention. Matt’s dream wedding to Jenn, who also very much keeps his attention, was to create a unique, unconventional experience to remember and cherish for a lifetime.

how did you meet

Jenn and Matt met at their favorite place, on a beach. It was a sunny Friday afternoon. Jenn loaded up the boys with snacks and towels and headed to the local beach. The boys were having so much fun digging deep holes in the sand, when Jenn said it was time to go home. The boys then asked the person lying closest to our blanket to watch their hole to China. (It was Matt.) Matt agreed to watch the hole. Later that night we attended a movie on a big screen at our local middle school. When they looked over, 2 blankets down was Matt. Jenn asked the boys, “Hey isn’t that the guy from the beach watching your hole to China?” It was. Over the course of the summer they would bump into each other at the beach. Finally that September, Jenn took to Google Maps and Facebook and reached out to Matt and the rest leads up their wedding day.

who proposed and how

In July 2016, Jenn and Matt went on a weekend getaway to Chicago for a Sunday evening Coldplay show at Soldier Field. They were excited for the concert and exploring the city, however Matt had another idea in mind. On the drive home through lower Michigan, the two stopped in Saint Joseph for dinner. Realizing that a gorgeous sunset was arising, Matt suggested that they wander out to the Saint Joseph lighthouse for a better view. As the sun was setting and the two were dangling their toes in the water, Matt proposed to Jennifer on July 25, 2016 – she said “yes, of course.”

your wedding theme / inspiration

Jenn and Matt appreciate the styles of long ago, however they very much enjoy bright, bold colors. Their idea of a perfect wedding theme was to bring in the turquoise and light blues common to the Florida Keys, in a vintage backyard style reception that evolved into a fun, non-traditional electronic dance music with a colorful, interactive light show which everyone participated in.

why key west and why filda konec photography

The couple chose Key West as a location for its laid back tropical setting. They wanted a destination where their guests could arrive, relax, and enjoy the surrounding area and engage in the Key West lifestyle. Filda Konec photography was chosen based on his previous work and his ability to capture true love in a lush, tropical environment.

what’s planned for the future

Lots of kisses, more vacations in the Florida Keys and Key West.

best moment of your wedding day

Finding a lucky penny between us in the driveway bricks during the first look photo. Finding coins is symbolic for various reasons in our relationship, and the timing of this penny was amazing.

bride’s dress & shoes

The dress was chosen by the couple together. They went to the bridal shop and chose dresses, Jen then tried them on. After seeing about 12 dresses Matt decided that the first one was his favorite. As for the shoes, Jen chose a Tiffany blue heel to go with the shoes her sons Gio and Gavin would also be wearing. At the reception everyone had the same matching Converse shoes.

something borrowed & something blue

Borrowed: Jen borrowed the veil from a friend. Something blue: Jen’s shoes and unmentionables 😉 Also Matt gifted Jen with a beautiful hand-made turquoise and peacock feather clutch.

something old & something new

Something new: Jenn’s bridal jewelry. Something old: Matt’s wooden watch, gifted by Jenn with a personalized message.

groom’s suit & shoes

Matt’s suit was light beige, perfect for the Key West temperatures with turquoise accents to match the wedding theme.

wedding colors

Turquoise, purple, fuchsia, light blue.

first dance song

Coldplay – Paradise


Vintage styled custom matching rings by Verragio

anything else you’d like to add

Jenn and Matt’s wedding day was everything they had dreamed of and more! It was filled with love and laughs, tears of happiness and lots of smiles. The entire wedding was planned over the course of a year, the details of which were lightly unveiled to a handful of people who were to attend. Not even the two boys, Gio and Gavin were aware that Jenn and Matt were to be married until a few days prior or what to expect as the wedding day ensued. What started as a simple wedding ceremony on a hundred year-old brick paver driveway evolved into a garden dinner party, eventually ending with a glow-in-the-dark, colorful electric dance party.

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