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Myself and Mike from Freas Photography travelled to Puerto Rico in November 2018 to attend my first ever Fearless Photographers Conference. We soaked up lots of knowledge, ate lots of lechón and black beans, drove on crazy highways with crazy traffic, were asked by local drug dealers to delete photo of them I accidentally took while photographing the street, met some rockstar photographers, but most of all walked miles downtown San Juan and took photos of pretty much everything. I always thought of Fearless as those snobby white collar photographers who travel to these fancy destinations to shoot those glamorous weddings who look down on people like myself, but I was sooo wrong. I met lots of super cool people, made some friends but most of all witnessed their enthusiasm and passion for photography that we all have in common. The trip left me energized and refreshed, humbled and thankful.

My favorite photos from our Puerto Rico trip:

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