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Florida Keys Landscape and Nature Photography

Nature walks with my camera

Few clicks from my nature walk at Geiger Key on a peaceful (and hot!) sunday. There were lot’s of folks walking their dogs, biking and in sunbathing, the busiest I’ve seen in months. I’m sure many of them thought I’m a peeping Tom spying on people carrying around my 400mm lens but nope – I was taking photos of birds and flowers… 🙂 You can click on each photo to make it bigger and use left and right arrow keys […]

Little Hamaca photo crawl

I decided to go out to the swampy hammocks of the Little Hamaca park right here in Key West to explore a little and hopefully get some wildlife photos on this lazy sunday afternoon. Well, I didn’t see any wildlife, I guess it must have been having a lazy afternoon as well, so my 400mm lens stayed in my backpack and I stuck with the 100mm macro for some close ups of leaves and other foliage I came across. No […]

brooklyn bridge seen from the ferry

New York Street Photos

New York City was cold & rainy but pretty, wild, chaotic and interesting as always… The rest of New York was hot and green. And had ticks all over… all photos taken with my little Fuji X100T which I love & hate at the same time 🙂 Share

Central Florida travels with Fuji X100T | Florida Keys Photographer

Central Florida, oh you’re so beautiful, I want to take you home… I’m serious. Two Key West photographers and one girl traveled for a weekend wedding to Orlando but extended it by few extra days to breathe some fresh outdoorsy CFL chilly air (yes, it was 54°F the morning we left). Of course I had to bring my little silver Fuji to take some photos to share and of course I ended up taking more photos with my cellphone. But […]

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